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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gibbs Taking Heat For Offending The 'Professional Left'

Professional Left was Robert Gibbs's terminology but from the amount of ink dedicated to his remarks as the White House press secretary, he offended any member of the Left that has been criticizing Obama.

The fact that he stands by his comments where he said some of them seemed to be "on drugs" has simply extended the length of this whole fiasco.

The Left is outraged with some even calling for Gibb's resignation, referring to him as "Bozo" and seemingly ignoring the fact that not only did Gibbs make those statements that offended them, but reiterated his stance, after Obama became aware of the comments.

Blaming Gibbs and expecting him to be thrown under the bus could very well happen as a crumb thrown to the Liberal professional left and as expected they would take it and all hail their god Obama as evidence that he does care an iota about them.

Problem is, Gibbs does speak for Barack Obama, that is his job.

The Left gave Obama what he wanted, the presidency, and he now expects them to sit down, shut up and go vote the way he wants them to in November and in 2012.

So the Left will complain, bitch and moan, vent and then come election day some will sit it out and the others will do exactly what Obama knows they will do and vote Democratic, because after all, can you imagine the hard core Liberal Left voting for a Republican?