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Friday, August 20, 2010

2010 Election: The Senate In Play

The Fix has adjusted and expanded their estimate on how many Senate seats are now in play to switch. They moved from 10 to 15, giving the GOP a good shot at not only taking control of the House but of the Senate as well.

As we sat down to rank which ten Senate races are most likely to flip party control on November 2, it became immediately clear that our Line wasn't big enough.

The simple truth is that over the past six to nine months, the Senate playing field has expanded to the point where there are now (at least) 15 races where a party switch is a real possibility -- if not a probability.

Most of that expansion has benefited Republicans, who have effectively taken advantage of a national playing field tilted in their favor to take previously non-competitive races like Washington and Wisconsin and put them on the target list.

Voters giving GOP control of the House or the Senate will prevent Democrats from jamming through any more unpopular legislation against the will of American voters, but to take both, unlikely as it seems, was previously thought to be an impossibility, and now it is within the realm of possibility.

No wonder Democrats are scrambling and desperate.