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Monday, August 09, 2010

Gallup: Avg. Midterm Seat Loss 36 for Presidents Below 50% Approval


With the Democratic Party in control of the White House and Congress, and key predictors of midterm seat change -- including presidential approval, congressional approval, and national satisfaction -- below average historically, the Democrats are clearly fighting an uphill battle this midterm election year.

In its latest weekly update on midterm voting preferences, Gallup found more registered voters saying they would vote for the Republican candidate in their district than for the Democrat, though Democrats had better showings the prior two weeks.

As the midterm campaign kicks off in earnest after Labor Day, the Democratic Party will do its best to convince voters to keep it in the majority. It is unclear to what extent they will employ the president to help them make that case, though his ability to make a positive impact could be limited if his approval ratings continue to register below 50%.

Gallup also shows Obama is holding a 45 percent approval rating/ 48 percent disapproval rating, which matches the Real Clear Politics average which is 44.9 percent approval and 49.9 disapproval.

Rasmussen- 46 approve/56 disapprove.

USA Today/Gallup- 41 approve/53 disapprove.

Fox News- 43 approve/ 50 disapprove.

Reuters/Ipsos- 48 approve/ 48 disapprove.

CNN/Opinion Research- 47 approve/ 50 disapprove.

Quinnipiac- 44 approve/ 48 disapprove.

Not one have Obama at or above 50 percent.

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Is it any wonder Freshmen Democrats in the House are worried and why politicians are distancing themselves from Obama prior to the upcoming November elections?