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Monday, September 08, 2008

New Flash for Adam at Huffpo: It Isn't The Press, It Is Your Party 'Sweetie'

Adam McKay over at Huffington Post is in full panic mode with the screaming headline saying "We're Gonna Frickin' Lose this Thing," as he goes on to blame..... the press.

Stop saying that!" my wife says to me. But this is not a high school football game and I'm not a cheerleader with a bad attitude. This is an election and as things stand now, we're gonna frickin' lose this thing.

New Flash for Adam: "Sweetie" it isn't the press, look is your party.

Democrats elected the weakest candidate to run against John McCain as Rasmussen found that Hillary Clinton would have done better against McCain than Obama will.

However, McCain fares better against Obama than he does against two other prominent Democrats. New York Senator Hillary Clinton leads McCain by eight points, 50% to 42%. Former Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2000, leads McCain 50% to 43%.

Top that first wrong decision as a party off with Barack Obama's bad judgment in ignoring Hillary Clinton's 18 million voters assuming that they would "get over it", then overlooking her as the one vice presidential candidate that could have united the party behind the Democratic presidential candidate, which showed an incredible lack of good judgment, and Democrats have themselves 4 down in the polls and 10 down among likely voters.

Continue on with the endless attacks, from the liberal left, against Sarah Palin from the second she was announced as the Republican vice presidential candidate, which rallied the GOP like nothing else could have and you have seen the perfect example of a party imploding from within.

Decision after decision, the party, Obama and the party's supporters have destroyed themselves and their candidate.

Spreading rumors (think Trig), attacking Palin's family to bring down the candidate, ignoring Clinton supporters believing they would "come around", then thinking they could use Clinton some more and send her out to attack like an animal, are all reasons far more relevant than the press.

Perhaps when Adam and people like him start to understand how they have participated and even helped McCain and Palin, they will be able to show the honesty to quit grasping at straws and making excuses for their bad decisions.

Until then, they will continue to aid the Republicans in their quest to retain the White House.