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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video Added- Highlights From Sean Hannity Interview With Sarah Palin, Day Two

Highlights from day two of Fox News' Sean Hannity interview with GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin including Iraq, foreign policy, her son's deployment and more.

Videos above are part 5 & 6, which is the beginning of the day two interviews from Hannity and Colmes.

Part 7 is at YouTube.

Last night part one of the two part interview aired on Fox bringing Hannity & Colmes their second highest night's ratings with 4.9 million viewers, with 1.4 million of those viewers being their key demographic of adults 25-54. The only night where ratings for the show was better was during Governor Sarah Palin's Republican National Convention speech, as reported by TV Week.

Sean Hannity continues to question Sarah Palin and the highlights of day two of the interview including Palin's take on Iraq, foreign policy and a personal look at Palin's life, with the full segment of this portion of the interview shown on Hannity & Colmes, Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

Palin on all the reporters and Obama opposition researchers in Alaska tells Hannity she hopes the spend a lot of money there, it is good for Alaska's economy. She also said she has no doubt they will find some people with ruffled feathers and says "so be it," she goes on to say the American people are thinking about the issues, the economy, education, the workforce and that is what she is going to focus on.

On her comments about community organizers in her Republican National Convention speech and she says, "I certainly didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. "Didn’t mean to offend any community organizers either."

She adds: "I do have respect for those who have chosen public service. What I was doing certainly, should be obvious, was direct a comment to him as he had taken a shot at small mayors across the nation."

On her counterpart from the Democratic ticket, Joe Biden she says, "Sen. Biden has a tremendous amount of experience. I think he was first elected when I was like in second grade."

She goes on to say, "He's been in there a long, long, long time. So he's got the experience. He probably has the sound bites. He has the rhetoric. He knows what's expected of him. He is a great debater, also. So yes, it's going to be quite a task in front of me."

On Hillary Clinton, she said while she disagrees with her policies, she holds respect for her and what she has done.

Hannity asks Palin how she is dealing with some of the attacks that have been leveled against her.

She says the shots she is taking, she knows the truth so she is fine there. Then points out how those attacks affect the campaign.

She says people are worried about losing their house, people have lost children, those are important issues so she is keeping it all in perspective and those are the issues she is going to focus on.


Fox News reports on some other highlights, such as Palin's comments about what has become known as "Troopergate," which she separates from the issue of her former brother-in-law.

Palin, in an interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity, said the firing of Walt Monegan in July had “nothing to do” with her former brother-in-law.

She said Monegan was “insubordinate” in some areas and that he “wasn’t willing” to help her in the state’s effort to rein in spending.

“I recognized that it was my responsibility, my obligation to make sure we had the right people in the right places at the right time in the cabinet to best serve Alaskans. So I asked him to transfer into another position. And he chose not to be transferred. So, he left the service,” Palin said. “That’s one issue. It had nothing to do with a former brother-in-law, a state trooper who happened to be married to one of my sisters until about three years ago.”

Then about the former brother-in-law, Wooten:

“This trooper tasered my nephew,” she said. “It’s all on the record. It’s all there. His threats against the first family, the threat against my dad. All that is in the record. And if the opposition … chooses to forget that side of the story, they’re not doing their job.”

The full transcript at Fox News.

Here are the three portions of yesterdays interview and all of tonight's will be added at the Fox YouTube channel as soon as they come out, in case I don't get them up tonight.

Transcript from part one of the interview found here.