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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Glide America Launches, Providing Access From Main Street To Elected Officials

Glide America has just launched to provide direct access to Washington, DC from ordinary citizens to have their voices heard in a direct line from voters to their elected officials.

Glide America's technology combines the ability to disseminate information regarding government initiatives and deliberations and provides citizens with the technology to organize and act, which includes advanced communication and collaboration tools to make a citizens voices heard by their elected officials.

From the official news release, accessible with a subscription to PRNewswire for Journalists.

Currently information is accessible on the internet from news sites, blogs and official government sites. Government contacts are available through official government directories. Software exists to prepare documents and communicate. Forums exist to vent frustrations and express opinions in social networking and other web 2.0 sites. Who has time to sift through all of that? Glide America provides a total solution. It brings all of those things together into an active community with the capacity for the ordinary citizen to make his appeal directly to the appropriate government officials with public transparency into the timeliness and quality of the official response.

Glide America features include:

Government Transparency & Accountability- tracks government officials' responsiveness to citizens through statistical analysis of response times to citizen emails and other online communications. Monthly reports will include statistical data on response rates from the officials.

Government Address Book- It is being called the "People's Rolodex, of federal government contacts which are integrated into the Glide America email account the site offers the citizens that join.

This Rolodex will contain extensive government contact information, including phone numbers and email access from your computer and/or mobile phone. The contact information includes access to Congress, Senators, Government Departments, etc...

Advanced Communication & Collaboration Tools- This includes integrated email, group organization and online meeting applications which allows the user to individually or collectively communicate with fellow citizens and Government Officials.

Additionally the Glide America site offers group discussions and the ability to add any documents, images, videos, audio files, bookmarks, contacts or calendar events to the group discussion and well as tracking tools to determine whether their messages are being read and how long it takes for officials to respond.

Others tools provided:

-- You can quickly and easily send large group emails as individual personalized emails bypassing spam filters that are programmed to flag emails that contain many recipients.

-- You can easily manage multiple email lists and group discussions.

-- You can opt in to receive automated email notifications for upcoming legislation.

-- Issue Management Group Discussions are automatically created for upcoming legislation for you to participate in.

Information Portal- This will offer the latest news on legislation, politics and business with links to informational sites including official government, candidate, election, news and other sites.

Dynamic Desktop/Apps/Hard Drive- Offers 10 free GBs of storage in the Glide America free account free and compatible word processor, presentation application, spread sheet and other features.

Once signed up to Glide America, it provides a desktop which automatically updates information on the presidential campaign and pending legislation with links to learn more, voice your opinion and join group discussions.

The service also provides the ability of File Synchronization where the user can sync their home computer and your work computer for secure access to any file from your mobile phone or desktop in a group discussion, online meeting or email exchange.

According to TransMedia's Chairman & CEO, Donald Leka, "Our institutions of government are precariously faltering in their ability to serve the best interests of the American people. The American people must reassert themselves in the governance of this great nation and Glide America is a vehicle to that end."

Leka continues on to say "Glide America is change initiated by the American people through their cell phones and desktops and we are thrilled to provide this innovative service to our fellow citizens."

After creating the Glide America account, which takes only a few minutes, the desktop includes tabs for Desktop, Glide HD and Portal.

The Desktop offers icons which lead to email, creation of your own Glide America website, account tools, profile tools, groups, access to the tools mentioned above, photo editing, calendars and more.

The Glide HD tab opens to offer access to your files you have saved in the Glide America account, including videos, documents, groups, bookmarks, the desktop and calendar and more.

The Portal provides one click access to other links and websites.

Glide America can be accessed at