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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paul McCartney Threatened By Islamic Militants Over Israel Concert Appearance

Paul McCartney, a member of the legendary Beatles musical group, has refused to cancel his appearance In Israel for a concert to be held celebrating Israel's 60th anniversary, despite threats issued on McCartney's life.

According to India's Sify, Mossad agents with be responsible for keeping McCartney safe during his trip to Israel after militant Islamic activist Omar Bakri Muhammad told Sunday Express in an interview, "If he values his life Mr McCartney must not come to Israel. He will not be safe there. The sacrifice operatives will be waiting for him," as reported by The Guardian.

Omar Bakri Muhammad now lives in Lebanon after having lived in the UK for 20 years and he is now barred from returning to the UK.

Bakri continued on to say, "Instead of supporting the people of Palestine in their suffering, McCartney is celebrating the atrocities of the occupiers. The one who is under occupation is supposed to be getting the help."

(Ticket to Paul McCartney's "Friendship First" Concert, to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel for Israel's 60th anniversary.)

McCartney's response to the threats and to those trying to get him to not attend is, "I do what I think and I have many friends who support Israel," he further states, "I was approached by different groups and political bodies who asked me not to come here. I refused."

The concert will be held, as scheduled, on September 25, 2008, in Tel Aviv and is named 'Friendship First."

One India reports McCartney's family, specifically his children, Mary, Stella, James and Heather are worried about the rock legends safety, but according to a source, "It's understood his kids would prefer him not to do the show but they also accept that their dad will do what he believes to be right and won't be scared off."