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Friday, September 19, 2008

Threats And Vandalism Against Candidates, Now Things Get Ugly

McCain and Obama supporters bickering in the media and throughout commentary and the constant barrage of information brought out about the candidates are expected in a tight race. Threats and vandalism against either candidate is ugly and unacceptable.

Rasmussen shows the candidates are still locked in a tied race, other polls favor Obama, and still others favor McCain and the tighter the race becomes the more we see activity in commentary, on television and in political forums.

There is nothing wrong with that. A heated campaign turns into heated debates, but when it goes beyond rhetoric and stars manifesting itself into threats of life and vandalism of billboards and offices, that is a level of ugliness that is not acceptable and shouldn't be acceptable to anyone no matter what side of the political aisle they are on.

Reports from Barack Obama billboards with swastika, letters symbolizing the Ku Klux Klan and hooded figures painted onto them. The billboard has since been removed and the authorities are investigating the billboard vandalism.

Reports of vandalism from The Star Press, of the Republican Party Headquarters are also coming out where anti-Mccain graffiti is painted on the walls with a painted hand gesturing with its middle finger.

Threats on Obama's life are also being investigated by way of letters sent to two Obama locations, one stating the wish that Obama "gets a bullet," and the other warning a business owner to "think hard about who you are trying to elect."

During the Democratic National Convention people were arrested and were being investigated for a possible plot to assassinate Barack Obama with the suspects saying "blacks don't belong in political office."

Previously letters were sent to the McCain campaign with a white powdery substance saying "Senator McCain, If you are reading this then you are already DEAD! Unless of course you can't or don't breathe."

That caused McCain staffers to have to go to the hospital for testing to make sure the substance wasn't toxic.

When the tight political race for presidency goes beyond spirited debate and spirals downward into vandalism and threats against the candidates lives, it is time for every supporters, of every candidate, to stand up as one and say "enough," and denounce those committing these crimes in one voice.

This is one area where every thinking human being can come together and speak out against this type of vitriol.