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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boston Herald Endorses John McCain: 'No Room For A Naif In The Oval Office'

The Boston Herald has come forward and endorsed John McCain today in a piece titled "McCain for president: A certain leader for uncertain times."

The Boston Herald piece starts out saying the last week has shown the need for a leader who is steady in the face of crisis, mature in judgment and has the ability to reach across the aisle to break the "gridlock" that has gripped Washington for too long.

The go to state "That man is Sen. John McCain and at this critical moment in history, this paper is pleased to endorse his candidacy for president of the United States."

The paper wonders what it would have happened had Mccain won the party's nomination in 2000 and goes on to explain how, in their opinion, it is "impossible to envision the future of this great nation being put in the hands of an articulate but inexperienced first-term senator from Illinois."

•This Senate maverick has spent years forging coalitions - on campaign finance reform, immigration reform, on judicial nominations - all with the intent of getting things done in the toxically partisan world of Washington.

His efforts at budget reform, at controlling congressional earmarks - not just because taxpayers can no longer afford them, but because of the corrupting effect they have on the political process - have surely not endeared him to fellow Republicans. But McCain has never shied away from a good fight - on issues worth fighting for.

The Boston Herald goes on to list more reasons why they believe John McCain should be elected in November and then states "There is no room for a naif in the Oval Office," referring to what they consider Obama's inexperience.

But being president is also about character. During his decades of service to his country John McCain has given us all ample evidence of his courage, his character and his leadership. And never more has this nation needed a president with all that John McCain has to offer.

In December of 2007, the Boston Herald also endorsed John McCain over his other Republican rivals for the GOP nomination.