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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Huffington Post, Gawker, AmericaBlog All Published Illegally Obtained Information From Sarah Palin's Hacked Email Account

[Update] 9/21/08- Warrant Served to Democratic Politician's son.

Person claiming to be the hacker is Democratic politician's son and says there was no incriminating evidence in any email.

Since reproducing information that is obtained illegally, with full knowledge that the information was obtained legally is a crime just as the original hackers that obtained the information committed a crime, well known sites such as Huffington Post, Americablog, Gawker and more have all deliberately broken the law by reproducing and publishing the emails and/or photos illegally obtained from Sarah Palin's hacked email address.

I have saved the pages and screenshots of each of these sites and I hope the Government does their job to bring legal action against every single one of these sites for spreading Palin's children's and husbands private email addresses around, as well as Palin's daughters phone number, private pictures and contact email information for everyone in Palin's yahoo address book.

The original hackers probably did it for no other reason than to be troublemakers.

The scum over at Gawker, Huffington Post, AmericaBlog and others, published that private information for no other reason than to personally attack Sarah Palin as they have been doing since she was announced as the vice presidential running mate to John McCain.

Taking screenshots and saving full webpages makes sure that these people cannot delete their posts and then deny their complicity in a federal offense of publishing illegally obtained information.

Considering each of these sites reported that Palin's email account was hacked, then went on to either publish the emails, or screenshots of the emails, or the private information from the email account, they knowingly and deliberately broke the law.

FBI spokesman Brian Hale said, "The FBI is aware of the alleged hacking incident involving Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and is coordinating with the United States Secret Service on the matter."

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