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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Battleground State Ohio: John McCain Leads Barack Obama

In a poll which was a collaboration among Ohio's largest daily newspapers, they find that in the battleground state of Ohio, John McCain takes the lead.

The first Ohio Newspaper Poll, a collaboration among Ohio's largest daily newspapers, shows Republican Sen. John McCain with a lead over Democrat Sen. Barack Obama in Ohio and provides a snapshot of the political landscape in a state that both campaigns regard as must-win territory.

The survey of Buckeye State voters shows McCain with a 6 percentage point lead, but the poll's margin of error means the race could be much closer. And the potential for change is great: 19 percent say they could change their minds.

There are other nuances in the report but Ohio is critical in this election as is Florida and in both states John McCain holds the lead in poll averages.

This election will come down to certain crucial states and these two are are part of that.