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Monday, September 15, 2008

Daily Kos' Latest Strategy for Defending Their 9/11 Cartoon: It Never Happened -- AN UPDATE

Screenshot capture courtesy of Doc

A note From Radarsite: "...the radar guy faked you out, dude..."
There is nothing I would like more than to drop this whole miserable episode with Daily Kos and its rabid supporters, but they just won't let me. The DK has now deleted this post and all references to it from their site. Thus, it never happened. It was a made-up story, a Republican ploy, another Republican ploy. The Daily Kos never did such a thing. All of those outraged articles that flooded the Internet were only condemning a chimera. Those (literally) thousands of readers who descended on Radarsite to voice their disgust about that horrific piece were all suffering from some form of mass hysteria. And again, those (literally) thousands of sincere Democrats who came onto Radarsite specifically to unequivocally distance themselves from this obscenity were merely victims of a clever Republican ruse. There was never any such cartoon, and there was never any such posting. [Update: See screenshot above]
As difficult as it may be, I'll not succumb to the temptation to use that Orwellian quote about 'he who controls the past...' But I will say this. There are no limits to the extremes of our adversaries, no moral boundaries, no traces of decency, and finally, no sense of shame. None at all.

Here, then, once again our some sample comments lifted from the comments thread at the History Channel Boards. This is the mentality of the enemy.- rg

that "quote" is NOT ON THEIR WEBSITE
Sep 14, 2008 8:57 PM
i just looked at the whole day-full of posts. kos and crew were busy.... but the little poster and quote you refer to were not on his website.... you have been tricked..... the radar guy faked you out, dude.... check it out for yourself: google the quote: "All this 9/11 worship is ghoulish and downright silly. Some Brit on is even making fun of our pompous charade." and all you get is conservative reactionary sites lambasting Kos for something he didn't write....


the fact that those conservatives would MAKE UP STORIES and attribute them to Kos, and then rag on him for days for stuff he didn't write.. that is really too much!!

perhaps somebody who still thinks that this actually appeared on daily kos could show us where it is/was???

yeah, i thought not...