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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Video- Barack Obama's Support of Infanticide

Jill Stanek, speaks in the video below, was a nurse that witnessed cases of infanticide, babies born alive after failed abortions, and she testified on a national level about how those children were put in a room, alone, and left to die.

Watch the video to know the type of person Barack Obama really is when he voted, three times, against the Born Alive Act, which would have forced care for children born alive after a failed abortion attempt.

This video has been watched, as of right now, more than 1,564,621 times and anyone that could vote for Barack Obama after understanding that he supports infanticide...deserves what they get.

I had trouble embedding the video above, so I have found another where Stanek speaks to Fox News about Barack Obama being the only Senator to speak out against the Born Alive Act, which would make it mandatory to give these babies born alive medial care.

That video is embedded below, but I truly suggest you watch the one linked above as well.