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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin's Third Interview Will Be With Katie Couric On CBS

ABC's Charles Gibson interviewed Sarah Palin last week, Sean Hannity from Fox was supposed to interview Palin last night for tonight's show but that has been delayed until later in the week and third up is Katie Couric for CBS.

TV Newser reports Katie Couric from CBS will interview Alaska Governor and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in what will be the third scheduled interviews since it was announced that Palin was chosen as John McCain's vice presidential running mate.

The official announcement says the interview will take place Sunday, September 28th and Monday the 29th, conducted on the campaign trail.


Katie Couric will spend two days traveling on the campaign trail with Governor Sarah Palin on Sunday, September 28 and Monday, September 29, conducting an exclusive interview to be broadcast on the CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC beginning Monday (29). Coverage will continue on Tuesday, September 30 on THE EARLY SHOW and Coverage of Couric travels and interview with the Republican Vice Presidential nominee will include behind-the-scenes access and Palin with Senator McCain as they campaign in battleground states.

The Orlando Sentinel TV Guy reports the interview scheduled for Palin with Sean Hannity of Fox News was postponed for a day due to storm damage from Ike in Cincinnati.

The Hannity interview will be conducted Wednesday morning in Youngstown, Ohio and will air Wednesday and Thursday on Hannity & Colmes.