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Friday, August 01, 2008

Blogger Having a "Spot' Of Trouble

[Update below]

After quite a few emails telling me that some fellow blogspot blogs were having some trouble, with blogger locking them as suspected spam, I looked around and saw this seems to be a widespread problem with quite a few blogs, conservative and liberal, being hit.

Hopefully blogger will have it fixed soon and I am holding my breath hoping it won't happen to mine.

Confederate Yankee first thought it was possibly deliberate attempt to stifle free speech, but he also noticed others having the same problem A few weeks ago, a number of Hillary bloggers had the same problem and it is strange that so many conservative blogs are being hit, BUT, it isn't a conspiracy because liberal blogs are reporting the same problem.

BlackFive has the names of a few miliblogs that have been hit and in the comments, others are naming theirs.

Instapundit is also speaking about it.

Those of us with blogs on blogger that are still working (so far) could probably arrange to help anyone having problems by posting guest posts for those that have been hit.

Feel free to email at .

[Update] The latest from Blogger Buzz for those that have had problems today:

Spam Fridays

August 1, 2008permalink
While we wish that every post on this blog could be about cool features or other Blogger news, sometimes we have to step in and admit a mistake.

We've noticed that a number of users have had their blogs mistakenly marked as spam, and wanted to sound off real quick to let you know that, despite it being Friday afternoon, we are working hard to sort this out. So to those folks who have received an email saying that your blog has been classified as spam and can't post right now, we offer our sincere apologies for the trouble.

We hope to have this resolved shortly, and appreciate your patience as we work through the kinks.
— Brett