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Saturday, July 26, 2008

San Francisco, Sanctuary City, Shielded Suspect In Triple Homicide

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After the triple road rage murder of three people, it was discovered that the suspect had been shielded by San Francisco's sanctuary city policies as a juvenile felon and previously was protected from deportation.
San Francisco is a sanctuary city that protects illegal aliens from federal law enforcement agencies.

A sanctuary city is a city within the United States of America that protects illegal aliens from federal law enforcement agencies and the term generally is used for cities that do not allow municipal funds or resources to be used to enforce federal immigration laws.

San Francisco is an admitted sanctuary city and reports have shown they actually advertise that status, inviting illegal aliens to their town for protection.

Recently the town made major headlines after it was discovered that the city of San Francisco was protecting illegal immigrant drug dealers and using taxpayers funds to help them escape prosecution.

San Francisco is back in the news again after a triple homicide suspect was found to have been arrested twice as a juvenile but due to San Francisco's sanctuary policy, he was never deported.

Edwin Ramos pleaded not guilty to the road rage murder of Anthony Bologna, and his sons, 20-year-old Michael, and 16-year-old Matthew.

The suspect allegedly took an AK-47 and shot the three after a road incident where accidentally blocked his car in the Excelsior District.

According to investigators, Ramos allegedly belongs to the violent MS-13 gang and just three months before his arrest on these latest charges of murdering the Bologna father and sons, he had a brush with the law and was arrested.

In the previous case Ramos escaped prosecution after a passenger in his car, Erick Lopez, was found to have an illegal firearm and District Attorney Kamala Harris' office determined they did not have evidence to show that Ramos knew that his passenger had the gun in the car.

Police later determined that the gun from that case had been used the day before to kill two men.

Because Ramos was protected when he was a juvenile and not deported when he was convicted of crimes before he turned 21, the sanctuary policy of San Francisco is under fire, as is the Mayor Gavin Newsom, who is a main proponent and the face of the public ad campaign that invited illegal aliens to San Francisco, promising them protection from the federal law.

There is an active campaign underway, calling for the resignation of Newsom and the denial of any federal funds to be given to the city of San Francisco.

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) President Dr. Diana Hull believes that Newsom holds some responsibility for the murder of the Bologna and has written letters to Senators Feinstein, Boxer and Speaker Pelosi, which state, "If local governments will not obey federal law, they should be denied any federal government law enforcement assistance. And, the federal government should prosecute any city officials who fail in that duty. In addition, federal enforcement is spotty and inadequate at best. but recently there has been some beginning attempt to apprehend the worst offenders. "

Hull concludes with, "However, every level of government has a long way to go and lags terribly behind public opinion in matters pertaining to enforcement of immigration law. This triple murder is the worst kind of tragedy and the outrage it will generate may herald some long overdue comprehension by elected officials about the extent of government failure in these matters, at every level, and what must be done about it.”

Lawmakers are weighing in and calling for Newsom's resignation as well as pundits, media and opinion editorials declaring that they believe that Newsom as well as other officials should be held legally responsible for being complicit in the death of the Bologna father and sons.

Representative Tom Tancredo sent a letter Tuesday to U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, stating, "Because San Francisco's political leaders have already demonstrated their willingness to act in flagrant violation of federal law, I do not believe that local judicial institutions can be trusted to fairly try the case or mete out an appropriate punishment."

Newsom's spokesman Nathan Ballard agrees that city officials were wrong to shield undocumented, juvenile felons from federal immigration authorities. he states that "The sanctuary program was never intended to shield felons. The policy was inappropriate."

He then goes to say that Newsom "still supports the worthwhile aims of 'denying the federal government' assistance in deporting otherwise law-abiding undocumented residents."

Ramos is being held without bail on three counts of murder in the deaths of Anthony Bologna, 20-year-old Michael Bologna, and 16-year-old Matthew Bologna.