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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Arab Labyrinth

Cross posted from Radarsite
From an original article in Front Page Mag

Obama: Servant of the Jewish Conspiracy
By P. David Hornik Monday, July 28, 2008

Is Barack Obama the pawn of evil Jewish minions? Yes, according to cartoons that appeared in the Palestinian media.

Al-Quds, July 22, 2008
The cartoon's headline: "Learn about Israel…from 'Behind the Fence.'" Below, in Arabic: "Obama's view."

Ar-Risala, June 22, 2008
Headline: "The Wagon [that gets you] to the White House."

Despite his portrayal as an ape, Obama has rewarded his detractors, and Israeli Jews' killers, with a naive indulgence for “peace talks” not seen since the days Bill Clinton helped set the stage for the Palestinian intifada.

“I believe the next U.S. administration should move quickly,” Barack Obama told far-Left Israeli journalist Akiva Eldar last Wednesday. “I have had in-depth discussions today with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and encouraged all of them to make as much progress as they can in their negotiations this year.”

He added, “The next U.S. administration the parties build on the progress that has been made thus far, and continue to work toward the goal of two states living side by side in peace and security.”

Obama was here for a lightning one-day tour of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In the latter, of course, he met with Mahmoud Abbas, who a few days earlier sent his tidings to a brutal murderer of a four-year-old girl.

Eldar, writing in the left-wing daily Haaretz, says “associates” of Obama told him that, if elected, Obama “has no intention of wasting time on consolidating an ‘Obama peace plan.’ He would rather dive in and promote the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians on the basis of existing American initiatives.”

Eldar also says “one of Obama’s senior consultants on the Middle East” told him that “Obama would attempt to deepen U.S. involvement in the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians” and “what would change…is the U.S. distanced position, as the consultant put it, in which Washington monitors developments but generally prefers to refrain from a more hands-on policy.”

First, considering that Obama’s Middle East advisers include the likes of former Carter and Clinton administration dove Anthony Lake (instrumental in dumping the Shah and catapulting the Ayatollah Khomeini to power), former Carter adviser and sharp Israel-foe Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Iraq Study Group co-chair (with James Baker) Lee Hamilton, Eldar’s words are more than plausible.

Second, those who have noticed (among much else) Condoleezza Rice’s obsessive 16 visits to Israel and the Palestinian Authority in three years—all aimed at pushing Israel back to indefensible borders—will be surprised to hear that the U.S. has been maintaining a “distanced position” and can only fearfully imagine what “deepened involvement” would look like.

Meanwhile, also on Wednesday, the Anti-Defamation League reported that “editorial cartoonists in the Arab world are using direct or borderline anti-Semitism in their portrayal of the presumptive U.S. presidential candidates as lackeys of the Jews and Israel…The cartoons ignore the issues of the campaign and instead engage in hate-filled characterizations of Jews and overt racist stereotypes.”

ADL national director Abraham H. Foxman noted, “Once again, the Arab media does not miss an opportunity to promote classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of Jewish control over Washington, the media and the democratic process.” He added: “Their aim is not to provoke discussion or challenge ideas, but to spread horrific stereotypes of Jews. Some cartoons also use classical racist stereotypes to portray Senator Obama.”

Foxman also said the ADL provided copies of the report to the McCain and Obama campaigns.

On this page, the ADL gives samples of the cartoons, beginning with seven cartoons taken from mainstream, official Palestinian Authority newspapers over the last two months. There’s one of a grotesque, apish-looking Obama hulking behind Israel’s security fence with what look like some small, scheming, nasty Jews; one of a grinning, impish Obama peering from the pants seat of a blue-and-white-clad, Star of David-bearing Jew…and many more such images.

It's undeniable both that the Obama campaign has a report of these hateful images and that no news media report that he has demanded such caricatures stop. Instead, Obama promises to accelerate the demented quest of the current U.S. and Israeli governments to award the bigots with sovereignty over strategic land overlooking Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

P. David Hornik is a freelance writer and translator living in Tel Aviv. He blogs at He can be reached at

A note from Radarsite: The study of the dark conspiratorial recesses of the Arab mentality should be categorized under the general academic discipline of speleology (the scientific study of caves and the cave environment).

To explore the depths of its black heart one needs to bring one's own light source, for there is no light to be found in these seemingly endless labyrinthine corridors. It is imperative that the explorer maintain contact with the world above, by way of his umbilical cord, or he may become lost forever in its infinite darkness.

Nurtured by untold generations of inbred hatred and distrust, the vengeful Arab mindset has become a victim of its own conspiracy theories, sinking deeper and deeper into that dark underworld of delusion and myth. And always and forever, lurking in the depths -- the eternal gargantuan Jew-Monster waiting to devour its helpless prey. - rg