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Thursday, July 31, 2008

If you Think Obama is Arrogant, Then You Are Racist

Tonight on Fox News' Hannity and Colmes, Michael Brown, accused anyone who called Barack Obama arrogant of being racist, because apparantly only black men are called arrogant.

All over the internet the race card has been flashing. Every time Barack Obama is labeled with a negative trait the populous howls "racism." If you call him arrogant, you are a racist; if you call him elitist, you are a racist; if you call him pompous you are a racist. Basically, if you address any negative trait you think will make Barack Obama a less than effective president, you are a racist!

What the Hell is going on in America?!? Are anti-white groups going to try to drive whites into a guilt ridden submission to vote for Barack Obama? Do these people who accuse others of being racist at the drop of a hat really think that this constant barrage of accusations are going to continue to inspire fear? Oh they are mistaken!

The anger I feel when I hear people being called racist for absolutely no reason has pretty much reached the limit. What is it about the word racist that makes people sniveling little cowards? I do not put up with that word being thrown about so frivilously, nobody should.

Lets get one thing straight. I think Barack Obama is a fork-tongued, two faced, lying, manipulative, weasle. Go ahead call me a racist, cause frankly I am getting to the point of taking people to court over it for defamation of character. I do not think this because he is black, no matter what insecure babies with the victimization mentality want to say. I say this because of all the evidence to prove it, and that was not put together because he was black.

So to everyone in the anti-white community wisen up! Barack Obama has decided to run for President of the United States, the most scruitinized political position in the world. He is going to be put through the ringer, and that is just Greek Week folks. Every politician goes through it. The black community is proud of Barack Obama's accomplishments so far, as they should be, but now it is time to embrace reality. People are not going to pat him on the head and put him to the front of the line. Why is that expected? He is going to go through the same thing everyone else is.

Here you want to hear something that you can take as racist? There is no"affirmative action" when it comes to representing a whole country! There, now you can call me racist because I associated a black man with affirmative action. But let me give you all a hint, I am doing this because for some reason people are acting like he should not be challenge and just given a free pass because of his race. I do not support this type of attitude.

I want the anti-white portion of the black community to consider something. Would you rather be proud of a man who was elected to represent a nation because people beleive in him, or because he is black? You can not have it both ways. When I hear there are politicians seriously considering voting for Barack Obama simply because he is black and it is "historical," I get very upset.

Look I don't want a President who needs his bottom powdered or his diapers changed everytime he gets a bit upset. Barack is not a victim here, he is a politician, he is a big boy, so let him handle it without dragging race into it!