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Friday, July 25, 2008

Yet another version of Obama's tour!

Yes - another witness who was there, tells the truth about what is really going on with the Obama tour. Again, over at Blackfive:

More Witness Email - Senator Obama's PR Tour

Posted By Blackfive

Here's another email about Senator Obama's visit to a base in a combat zone from an impeccable source - the first to paragraphs are redacted to protect the author (a 23 year vet of more than one branch of the military):

I had a first hand view of Barrack Obama's "fact finding" mission, when he passed through this base....

This oped is of course subjective and limited, but I will try to present the facts as I saw them. I wasn't able to see much, which makes a point all by itself.

When his plane arrived (also containing Senators Reed and Hagel, but the news has hardly mentioned them), there was a "ramp freeze." This means if you are on the flight line, and not directly involved with the event in question, you stay where you are and don't move. For a combat flight arriving or departing, this takes about ten minutes, and involves the active runway and crossing taxiways only. For Obama's flight, this took 90 minutes, during which time a variety of military missions came grinding to a halt. Obviously, this visit was important, right?

And yes, there is more. Don't go looking in the msm for the real deal. You can find that here.

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