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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Washington GOP's New Ad Targets Michelle Obama's "first time she was proud of her country" Comment

Barack Obama recently gave an interview to Glamour magazine, which LA Time's Top of the Ticket discusses in detail, showing that Barack Obama complains that “the conservative press -– Fox News and the National Review and columnists of every ilk” pick on Michelle Obama. In fact, Obama calls it "infuriating".

Andrew Malcolm from Top of the Ticket correctly points out, "Trouble is, when any candidate's family members openly campaign as actively as Michelle Obama has been promoting her husband's agenda at huge and small rallies, in media interviews and at fundraisers, they're considered pretty much fair game. And rightly so."

Well said and valid point.

Obama needs to understand if he is going to put his wife in the spotlight, he cannot be surprised when the light shines on her and her mistakes.

To top it off and guaranteed to have Obama even more infuriated, the Washington Republican Party has a new ad out, "welcoming" Michelle Obama to the state.

YouTube URL here and video below-

Obama and his wife are going to need some thicker skin, because as long as he puts her in the limelight, he should expect her words to come back and haunt him.

After all, the GOP would haven't the video of Michelle Obama saying that "this campaign marked the first time she was proud of her country" if she hadn't actually said it.

According to Ben Smith's Politico, the Obama campaign, Bill Burton, is already complaining about this new Washington GOP ad.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton responds: "With our economy in shambles, our nation at war and our challenges mounting by the day, it is beyond sad that the Republican Party of Washington would spend its time launching shameful attacks on the wife of a candidate--attacks our current First Lady Laura Bush has decried . Michelle Obama has lived the American Dream, and it’s love of country that leads Michelle and Barack to make this race. But how does it strengthen our country to pollute our politics with false and mean-spirited attacks? John McCain promised us better. It's up to him to curb these tactics, or take responsibility for them."

When the McCain responds, I will update this.