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Monday, July 28, 2008

Company Mistakenly Puts Photo Of Larry Craig On Political Button With Barack Obama

(Political button which mistakenly shows Larry Craig's photo above Larry LaRocco'S NAME. Photo Courtesy Andrew Malcolm, Top of the Ticket)

Tigereye Design, located in Ohio, creates buttons and they mistakenly created a political button meant to show Barack Obama for president and Larry LaRocco for the U.S. Senate. They got the name right, but they put Larry Craig's photo above the name.
Tigereye and the case of the two Idaho Larrys.

Larry Craig is Republican Senator that made headlines last Summer after he was arrested and plead guilty to disorderly conducted after he was accused of soliciting sex by peering through a crack in a bathroom stall door and made gestures suggesting to the arresting officer he wanted to engage in "lewd conduct."

Larry LaRocco is a Democrat who will be going up against Lt. Governor Jim Risch, in the upcoming Idaho Senate election.

Tigereye Design has stopped selling the button since some collectors that bought them noticed the mistake, but some are getting a little amusement that not only the design company managed to pick the wrong Larry from photo files but that they actually used a Senator not running for reelection as well as using the photo of an Republican party member on the same button as the presumptive Democratic nominee.