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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hispanic Population in Decline: What's Happening?

Cross posted from Radarsite

From an original article in the Washington Post

Hispanic Population in Decline
Illegal Immigrant Policy Alters Pr. William on Many Levels

Nick Miroff Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, July 10, 2008

The family that planted corn in the front yard of their $500,000 home is gone from Carrie Oliver's street. So are the neighbors who drilled holes into the trees to string up a hammock.

Oliver's list goes on: The loud music. The beer bottles. The littered diapers. All gone. When she and her husband, Ron, went for walks in their Manassas area neighborhood, she would take a trash bag and he would carry a handgun. No more. "So much has changed," she said in a gush of relief, standing with her husband on a warm summer evening recently outside a Costco store.

A short distance away, across the river of retail commerce that is Sudley Road, Norman Gonzalez spoke of change not as renewal, but as a kind of collapse.
Business at his restaurant, Cuna del Sol, has declined 50 percent. Worse still, his extended family's slow, steady relocation from the Guatemalan town of Jutiapa to the bustling Prince William suburbs has imploded. "A year ago, I had the biggest family in all of Manassas, maybe 100 relatives," he said.

Now, Gonzalez, a legal U.S. resident, has his own list: Langley Park, Chantilly, Fairfax City. That is where his brothers have scattered, and they will not visit him. "There's too much fear here," Gonzalez said.

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A note from Radarsite: "Stewart also said the county's policies have led to "a plummeting of the crime rate. Police statistics show that the county's crime rate has been declining since 2004, even as the population increased." Now how, I wonder, are the leftist loonies going to try to spin those glaring statistics? It seems impossible, but I'm certain that they'll find a way. They always do find a way of managing to not confront the truth (even this particular article attempts to elicit some sympathy for the plight of these poor displaced or threatened illegals).

So then, what's the point? The obvious and extremely heartening point here is that law enforcement works. We are not helpless, held hostage in our own country by twelve million angry illegals, about whom we can do nothing, about whom, we have been warned, all we can do to ameliorate the situation is to grant these ILLEGALS amnesty and give in to their demands and hope for the best.

Well, surprise, surprise, what do we discover? We are not that helpless, after all. And,despite the threatening propaganda of La Raza, despite those massive, confrontational marches through our city streets, the illegals are not omnipotent; in fact, they are beginning to look more like frightened puppies than powerful adversaries.

Granted, we still have a long road ahead. But, thanks to examples such as this from Prince William County, the road doesn't look quite as endless and formidable.

Illegals -- You are not downtrodden victims, you are simple criminals. And all the La Razas in the world, and all of your angry demonstrations and massive protests will do nothing to alter your illegal status. So, either pack up and leave quietly, or be prepared to face the consequences. You have played the victim game out, and it will no longer save you. Be forewarned: We are finally waking up. - rg