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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bat 'er up: A special request

As a Soldiers' Angel, I often get special requests sent to me. Today, I have one that I have been given permission to share here, in the hopes that we can get help for some of our troops. Read on:

Please read the below post. If you can help Cheryl find donated used equipment for this group before they arrive back at camp from this mission?

I appreciate anything you can do-

Looking for used baseball gloves, bats and baseballs to send to a group in Iraq.
They just left for a month long mission, and were told to expect it to be rough and nasty.

I am so hoping to have a few things there when they get back.
If you have some used, gloves, baseball, bats (bases are the cherry on top) and are willing to part with them, please email me

Thank you..