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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Media's Constant Barack Obama- Osama bin Laden Confusion

The media seems to have a problem of confusing Barack Obama with Osama bin Laden, with the latest instance being on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC, where Dan Rather made the mistake and no one on the Morning Joe cast corrected him.

Video at YouTube and shown below:

This is not the first time media personalities have made the mistake of referring to Barack Obama as Osama, although this time it was the full name, Osama bin Laden that was said.

In this most recent instance, Dan rather was asked about the whole Jesse Jackson-Barack Obama snafu and he replied, "I have a great respect for Jesse Jackson, that he was an important figure for paving the way for Osama bin Laden to appear...", he continued his sentence but no one on the Morning Joe show bothered to correct him.

This is not an isolated incident either. This week alone it happened three times, on Monday, Chris Matthews did it, on Wednesday Charles Krauthammer did it and on Friday it was Dan Rather, discussed above.

TVNewser has been keeping track and the numbers might surprise some people.

This brings the total, according to our records: Three on MSNBC's air, three on FNC, two on CNN, one on ABC and one on NBC. Are we missing any?

No one is accusing these folks of doing it deliberately (except in the case of Fox News, many have accused them of doing it on purpose) but it leaves TVNewswer asking what many believe is a valid question, "Is it really that difficult?"