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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama's Brown Shirts Faux Pas Gains More Scrutiny


Background: on 02 JUL 08, two days prior to the 4th of July celebrations, Czar Barack delivered a speech. In that speech he said the following:
[...] We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." [...]
Taken out of context, the Worry Alarms begin to wail. However, taken in context, the Worry Alarms cannot be heard or detected because the Tornado Klaxons across the nation are wailing.

The list of posts below reveal the on-going investigation and a gathering of many others looking into this subject of Barack's Private Army. However, as ususal, the Lame Stream Media is silent.

Be advised that we have the entire audio capture as well as the entire video capture as well because Barack has a nasty habit of scrubbing his web sites clean of potentially damaging items of interest and many You Tube videos have also been deleted.

Barack does not like a "paper trail".


We posted on this topic on 09 JUL 08 and have refused to give up and will press forward relentlessly until Barack Hussein Czar Obama comes clean and "clears the muddy waters", as it were. Good luck on that but the crowd he was addressing were the gathering of the IVAW Winter Soldier frauds associates of the Colorado Vets Against the War. Imagine that.

Was Barack in a feeding frenzy because fellow anti-Americanists were in the room? And what about Mr Bobble Head to the right of Obama and the poor wee lad to his left? Amazing. Sometimes I hate being able to read body language.

Will all that said, I have encountered others writing on this in recent days, today and others about the same time frame we began writing about it. Baracks' apparent desire to start a Civilian National Security Force comprised of members of AmeriCorp and Peace Corp members is strikingly eerie.

The Confederate Yankee and now Hot Air are talking about it. I originally thought, "What took them so long" but, there is so much news to cover it is a wonder that we even caught the drift of this. I have sent approx 20 emails with the audio clips of Barack Obama announcing this new Force on an equal par with the military to the major Lame Stream Media outlets, including Faux News...I mean Fox News. To date, not one network or cable news outlet has discussed this to my knowledge.

Why is that? What are they afraid of? Or, what are they trying to hide? How about we have a Special Investigative Council look into this unconstitutional endeavor on the part of the would be First Czar Obama?

Again, we will not let this go until there are viable explanations, wafflings and backtrackings but most importantly, apologies to the American People.

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