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Monday, July 21, 2008

John Mccain's Vice President To Be Named Soon?

The blogosphere and the media is buzzing with news that John McCain might, maybe, possibly, "could" be getting ready to announce his VP pick by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Top of the Ticket points out that John McCain will just happen to be pretty close to Massachusetts this week, where Mitt Romney just happens to be and on Wednesday, McCain will be in Louisiana, where Bobby Jindal is.

Speculation is high right now and it seems as if McCain is enjoying it because when reporters asked him if he was going to announce his VP choice tomorrow, it is said that he "grinned and walked away."

Then again, Malcolm does make another good point when he says:

Then again, the whole thing with the nonanswers could be a perfectly timed feint -- no one in McCain's camp has said anything they'd have to take back -- that would still serve for a day or two to draw some attention back from the freshman Illinois senator on his foreign political field trip. Witness, this item.


More on McCain's meeting with Jindal found at The Fix.

(Worth noting: Conservative columnist Bob Novak is reporting -- and Matt Drudge is touting -- that McCain will make his vice presidential pick known by the end of this week.)

The Politico says "plugged-in" sources think it is unlikely that McCain would announce his VP pick this week.

Personally, I think if McCain has already made the decision, then he should announce it this week and this was he and his pick can make the rounds, doubling the network coverage leading up to the Democratic convention and then on to the Republican convention.

As I hear more or see anything new, I will update this or start a new thread and link it from here.

Stay tuned.