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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John McCain, Barack Obama Star in Biographical Comic Books

IDW Publishing will be publishing two comic books, 28 pages each, showing the biography of both presumptive presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama.
The two biographical comic books will go on sale October 1, 2008 in comic book stores around the nation and will be available at nationwide, and will be available at

The one featuring the history of John McCain will be written by Mr. Helfer who is a veteran writer and editor for the comic book industry and he says he has to figure out a way to sum up John McCain's career in 28 pages, so he states, "To get the amount of information that’s covered in the McCain comic, you have to read at least two of his books. It’s the fastest way to get an understanding of who he is.”

The comic book featuring the life of Barack Obama will be written by Jeff Mariotte who is a novelist of supernatural thrillers and has written for previous comics as well as television and he states that he started reading everything he could get his hands on and his computer to and concludes by saying, "I just read everything I could find that looked authentic. I kept away from the crazy sites.”

Both covers were drawn by J. Scott Campbell.

IDW Publishing has put out little teasers from each of the upcoming comic books.

From the Presidential Material, John McCain book:

Senator John McCain comes from a family rich in public service—both his father and grandfather were Admirals in the U.S. Navy—and he has followed in that tradition. First in the Navy, including a brutal extended period as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, then in a long career in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Today he faces another battle, this time pitted against Senator Barack Obama in a contest to decide who will be the next President of the United States.

(Illustration- J. Scott Campbell/IDW Publishing)

From the Presidential Material, Barack Obama book:

Senator Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to the top of the Democratic Party is the stuff of political legend. His epic battle with Senator Hilary Clinton to be their party’s nominee has ensured, regardless of outcome, a historic campaign in November. With Obama’s ascension to the top of the Democratic heap, in just his first foray as a candidate for the highest office in the land, he is now poised to vie against Senator John McCain for the Presidency of the United States.

(Illustration- J. Scott Campbell/IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing was formed in 2000, after initial success of their full-service graphic design, production and publishing company for comic books, graphic novels, and related products.

In 2002 they came out with their first comic book miniseries, which many might recognize the name of, 30 Days of Night, which then became subject to a bidding war between Dreamworks, MGM and Senator International, with the latter winning and producing the recently released 30 Days of Night movie.