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Thursday, July 17, 2008

McCain Surrogate Carly Fiorina Meets With Clinton Supporters and 'Hillraisers'

The above video is of Lady Rothschild, a founder of, a Hillary Clinton supporter. You can find out more about Rothschild from her Forbes profile here and more history here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008, Carly Fiorina spent an hour and a half meeting about 25 Hillary Clinton supporters, activists and prominent fundraisers, at a private home, discussing a variety of issues, from health care to foreign policy to workplace rights.
The meeting was initiated by the former Clinton supporters, many of which have declared "adamantly" that they would not support Barack Obama and they wanted to hear John McCain's position on issues including mandating health insurance to cover birth control pills, federal mandates for paid maternity leave and equal pay for comparable work in the workplace.

Amy Siskind, who is a former wall Street executive, helped organize the town-hall style meeting and although she declined to identify the majority of those that attended the meeting, many of which preferred to maintain their privacy, some of those attending were not as concerned with such privacies.

Siskind said the group told Fiorina that if McCain would give some concrete assurances of support on such issues, the people in the room and the organizations they represented could help deliver “hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of votes” to the presumptive Republican nominee.

The meeting was hosted by a recently formed pro-Hillary organization,, which has been especially critical of Barack Obama and representatives from the Just Say No Deal group attended the meeting as well. lists its founders as Jill Iscol, Lady Lynn de Rothschild (from the video above) and Gretchen Glasscock.

Also attending the meeting were a number of Clinton supporters known as "Hillraisers" who are people that collected over $100,000 for the Clinton campaign during the primary season and according to Fiorina, "I didn’t ask how many of them were Hillraisers but certainly a number of them were."

Recently Fiorina hosted another meeting of this type in Ohio with Clinton supporters.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama have been vying for the Clinton supporters and many of them have gravitated to Obama as Clinton has asked them to, but a percentage of those voters have refused to back Obama for the general election and are looking at McCain and deciding if there is enough common ground on certain issues for them to feel comfortable in supporting him for the general election.

One issue that received very little attention at this meeting was abortion and Fiorina explains, "John McCain has a very strong record of being pro-life, as do I. They knew that. This was not a one-issue crowd.’’

In June it was reported that 17 percent of Clinton supporters would vote for John McCain and 22 percent would stay home and not vote at all. Out of that 22 percent, Fiorina, who was the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Co., and is now a McCain adviser, has been arranging and agreeing to meet with as many prominent disaffected Clinton supporters, activists and fundraisers as possible to address their concerns, explain McCain's stances and persuade them to actively support John McCain for the presidency.