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Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Obama Can Never Leave His Church

The Obama camp and most of the OBAMA-tanked MSM were confidently chanting the refrain that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright story, and subsequent questions about Obama’s church membership, “Is a dead story”! They said that the story would definitely NOT be an issue in the national election. WRONG!

They may be correct about Jeremiah Wright, because it would appear that Wright was just the obnoxious tip of a very, very deep iceberg. That iceberg has a name: Revolutionary Marxism in the form of wide-spread anti-White racist Black Liberation Theology.

This week brought more unwelcome news to Obama in the form of a White Catholic priest, Michael Pfleger, who was invited once again to deliver last Sunday’s politically charged anti-Hillary – anti-White racist rant at Trinity United Church of Christ.

On May 20th, Aaron Klein wrote an article in World Net Daily about the investigations of Stanley Kurtz, a National Review Online contributor, and his conclusions after reviewing two years of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Trumpet Magazine. Here’s was he had to say about Pfleger.

. . .Kurtz found that Wright embraced white preachers who toe the line of Cone and black liberation theology, such as Chicago Catholic pastor Michael Pfleger, identified by Obama himself as a close associate and a source of spiritual guidance to the presidential candidate.

Pfleger, an early supporter of Obama who leads a mostly black parish, has hosted Farrakhan at his parish a number of times, drawing the ire of the Catholic Church. Pfleger also served as a guest lecturer at Obama's Trinity church.

Pfleger has been featured several times in Wright's magazine, including in the June/July 2007 issue reviewed by Kurtz that describes Pfleger as "Afrocentric to the core."

"I got very educated by the [Black] Panthers – very educated," said Pfleger.

The question has been raised as to why TUCC invited Pfleger to incite more racism, which could only be an unwelcome development for Obama. Didn’t Obama’s “wonderful new” pastor have a clue as to what Pfleger might say? Of course he did!

The answer to this riddle will be very plain to see as you continue to read this article. Obama had to be put in his place. The message for Obama is quite clear.

The time is now and you can’t ride to political fame on the back of Black Liberation Theology and then disavow your pastor or distance yourself from this church. We made you! We own you!

The key to understanding this internal battle between Obama and his church lies with his new pastor, Otis Moss III. Young Moss has some very big shoes to fill, and I’m not talking about Wright’s shoes. Young Moss learned his trade at his revolutionary father’s feet. His father, Rev. Otis Moss Jr., is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost Black Liberation Theologians and is strongly connected with the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Obviously, Young Otis wasn’t just groomed by Wright and his “street creds” came straight from his own father. Wright might have higher visibility, but his father has greater credibility within the Black Christian culture.

According to the Weekly Standard:

Moss (himself now considered the most promising young black-liberationist preacher in the country) turned down the opportunity to step into the leadership of his own preacher-father's nationally known church for a chance to serve at the still more renowned Trinity. Wright's Trinity, affirms Moss, is "the most socially conscious African-centered and politically active church in the nation.

Socially conscious is to put it mildly. Young Otis may be handsome and disarmingly charming, but he’s just as vehemently Afro-centric as Wright – even more so.

Read and watch the video in my article, Obama’s New Pastor Worse than Wright? And read, Replacement Obama Pastor Just As Controversial As Wright

So what kind of “street creds” did the young OM get from his dad, and how does he differ from Wright?

1. Young Moss displays a more hip and crafty form of anti-White Black Liberation Theology. He’s been called a hip-hop pastor.

2. He’s demonstrated an ability to weave Afro-centric cultural code, and code words, into Biblical stories by creating new cultural myths sold as “authentic Christianity.”

3. He is the heir apparent to his father’s BLT throne. His father is a kingmaker with loads of liberal and far left political luminaries at his beck and call.

Young Moss’s dad, Reverend Otis Moss Jr., served as co-pastor with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. He was a staff member for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and he formerly served as a national board member and trustee for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change. See the entire Congressional Record-Senate July 17, 2007 for a full bio of Rev. Otis Moss Jr

He was an advisor to former President Jimmy Carter at Camp David and was the special guest of President Bill Clinton at a peace treaty signing between Israel and Jordan in 1994. Former Ohio Governor Richard Celeste awarded Moss the 1983 Governor's Award in Civil Rights, and I had the honor of presenting Reverend Moss with the 1993 Governor's Award in Civil Rights.

According to his bio on the Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, Rev. Otis Moss, Jr., has been pastor of Olivet since 1975.

Reverend Moss, who also was active with SCLC and later, the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Operation PUSH. Reverend Moss also has maintained friendship with the King family. He was four years behind Dr. King at Morehouse College in Atlanta. The strong foundation in the civil rights movement at Olivet continues to manifest itself in the programs and services church leaders support and provide to the community. . .

According to Cleveland’s Fox 8 News:

He is the leader of one of Ohio’s largest black churches, recognized as one of America’s foremost pastors. He has touched the lives of some of today’s most influential people, including Oprah Winfrey and his son is the current pastor of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

If you view the Fox 8 video you will see the elder Moss happily showing pictures of himself with MLK .

Additionally Rev. Otis Moss Jr. just happens to be co-chair of Clergy for Obama! See clergy for Obama on Obama’s page.

Now just imagine what would happen within the Black community if Obama tried to dump his church or his new pastor? Not Goanna Happen!!!

I was curious about the elder Otis Moss and what he had to say. Was he anything like Wright? Is he anything like the MLK “white folks know,” or is he more like the MLK that Black Liberation Theology claims as their own? There is a big difference, but most “white folk” haven’t got a clue.

As luck would have it, I found a very enlightening, and very troubling, sermon given in tandem by Dr. Otis Moss Jr. and Rev. Otis Moss, III. Can Moses Generation Meet the Joshua Generation? Now you would have to go to the BLT African American Pulpit to find this hour long sermon. It isn’t on YouTube. But like anything of great value, a little time well invested is worth its weight in gold!

Gold? Yes, the kind of gold we need to expose the depths of BLT Heresy, and its Revolutionary form of anti-Americanism.

The sermon starts out with Biblical readings and then . . .

Rev. Otis Moss Jr. reads to his son, Rev. Otis Moss III, a letter written by Afro-centric Moses to Joshua in the 21st Century. Afro-centric Moses says that "my Afro-centric heritage has served me well . . .I survived genocide because my mother and my father practiced civil disobedience . . .in spite of the Euro-centric distortions of my African-ness . . .”

The entire gist of the sermon is the creation of a new mythos based on the connection of Africans to Moses and the Israelites who were "kept under of the heavy hand of genocide and slavery 400+ years of bondage.”

The constant refrain throughout the sermon is to never forget the past, and the obvious implication is to never forget that Africans are the oppressed – and, most of all, to never forget who the oppressors are!

Pharaoh prepared a grave for Moses . . .a death chamber for Moses was born under the heavy hand of a holocaust. This was not kept from his historic memory therefore Moses was not blinded by the hospitality of the house of Pharaoh . . .a hospitality that gave him ruby , diamonds , silver, gold and a designer’s wardrobe . . .All oppressors have a treasure chest of temptations and a wardrobe of hospitality. There are inducements to make us ignore and even despise the oppressed and admire the oppressor . . .

Here is how the Mosses sell Black Liberation Theology as the true Christian Theology:

Where there is a bad theology there is bound to be a troubling sociology . . .religion can become evil . . religion becomes evil when religion is infected by a bad theology that creates a bad sociology . . .creating an evil economic system . . . and this conspiracy throws children into the river.

Otis Moss Jr. said later in the sermon:

The challenge of the Joshua – a post liberation and a pre-promised child – a dangerous theological motif . . .We must resist the temptation to build ministries focused only on Promisland theology – possession yes, but with the inclusion of liberation - Promise theology removed from liberation becomes a market-driven theology . . .

There you have it! Christian theology is not about the promise of salvation through Jesus and God’s Heavenly Kingdom as much as it is about political revolution in there here and now. It’s really all about salvation through sociology and overcoming an evil economic system. Political revolution cleverly disguised as religion!

A curious part of the sermon was a little “mythic tale of truth” about “misplaced trans-Atlantic Africans” . . ."the story of the people who could fly" . . ."mislabeled slaves” who ask . . ."is it time preacher?” . . .

Here’s the curious answer:

In order for the Joshua generation to fly there must be a Moses word in them – if you want to take flight. . .That word is an ancient West African word: Koliba. . . We are called to bring this word: Koliba

What exactly is Koliba? That’s something that the Mosses and their congregation may know, but it surely isn’t intended for White ears. Near the end of the sermon Otis Moss III said,

"There’s another Koliba and his name is Jesus . . . "

What could he have meant?

Then the entire congregation rhythmically chanted the word “Koliba,” as they held up their right arms with palms facing out in what looked the Sieg Heil salute.The congregation appeared to be enraptured. It was chilling.

The similarities to how Hitler created a national religion based upon the ancient Aryan cultural mythos cannot be ignored.

As I continue to explore the possible meanings and connections to “Koliba,” I will return to this sermon again and again because there is much more there that that should raise many an eyebrow.

The time is short. We must dare to enter into those spaces where we have never been welcome to discern what exactly is going on inside of many Black churches today. Obama and his camp are desperately hoping that we won’t dare!

The Mosses and Wright’s church are chanting the mysterious West African word “Koliba.”

They believe that “The time is now!” And if Obama loses, so what? If that happens, their Marxist anti-White racism will reach new heights.

Black Liberation Theology cannot survive in a color-blind America!