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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John Edwards Finally Endorses Obama

Big surprise!!!! Not.

Sounding a theme of a nation divided into parts by walls, Mr. Edwards said, “The reason I am here tonight is that Democratic voters in America have made their choice and so have I.”

Mr. Edwards then went on to say, “There is one man who knows in his heart that it is time to tear down that wall and make one America, Barack Obama.”

Mr. Obama, who had introduced Mr. Edwards as “one of the great leaders we have in the Democratic Party, ” responded by saying he was grateful to him for coming to Michigan and giving his endorsement.

Mr. Obama also noted how Mr. Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, had emphasized health care as an issue that is of primary concern, then said it would be a major issue in his administration.

The endorsement comes at a time when the appeal of Mr. Obama appears to be lagging among white, blue-collar voters, a group to which Mr. Edwards openly appealed.

It isn't like Edwards showed any specific interest in Hillary Clinton, as some of his comments during the last debates that he was part of before he dropped out in January, where he sided clearly with Barack Obama, made obvious.

I truly doubt Edward's endorsement is going to have any real impact.

Minds are made up, Obama will win the Democratic nomination and if he loses to John McCain because he cannot win over blue collar America and because a large segment of Hillary supporters refuse to consider voting for him (almost half) and claim they will sit it out in November or worse, vote Republican, Hillary will smirk and tell the superdelegates "I told you so".