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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Couple Keeps Dead Baby In Their Freezer For A Year

Dezmond Blake, 28, and Crystal Sosa, 25, kept their dead baby in a freezer for a year. Police are trying to determine how the baby died.
Dezmond Blake called the police, on Friday, and reported that he and his girlfriend had found a baby in the freezer of their place of residence.

They were living at the InTown Suites motel in southwest Houston for over a year and after the police responded and investigated, the couple admitted that the baby was theirs.

The Harris County Medical Examiner's Office is waiting for the baby to return to room temperature to perform an autopsy into the cause of death of the child.

As of now, Blake and Sosa are being held under charges of tampering with evidence and the autopsy will determine if more charges will be file after the cause of death is decided.

Blake's cousin, Corey Williams, reacts to the news by saying, "This is real out of left field. He's a good kid, mild mannered. I never expected anything like this."

Another cousin, Michael Alexande, says "That's not the way he presented himself to us. But behind closed doors, (you) don't know what goes on."

Both family members say they weren't aware that the couple had a second child.

They are the parents of another child who is 2 years old and that child lives with relatives due to the fact that when she had the baby she had tested positive for drugs.

Police say both Blake and Sosa are "remorseful"

Baby Devin, the child found in the freezer was discovered wearing a diaper wrapped in blankets inside a gym bag and frozen solid.

Houston Police Department Homicide official, C.P. Abbey, stated that "It's really a difficult concept to put your arms around that these people could've lived in this apartment for a year, still used the refrigerator and freezer knowing full well that their child was inside the freezer." He concludes with, "A frozen child is just, kind of pretty hard to understand... "