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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Add 'Auschwitz Mistake' To The Long Line Of Obama Screwups

Late on this one so I will do a short recap and send you elsewhere to get the whole saga of the latest screwup by Barack Obama.

Ace stumbled onto a major "gaffe" as it is being called when Barack Obama informed a crowd in Las Cruces, New Mexico, that, ""I had an uncle who was one of the, um, who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps. And the story in our family is that when he came home he just went up in the attic and he didn't leave the house for six months."

Nice story, except that once again, being "so tried" and "fatigued" from all the campaigning, Obama's Uncle did,'t help "liberate" Auschwitz.

First the YouTube video: (H/T Hot Air for the vid- Lots of updates at HA as well.)

From Ace:

Auschwitz of course is in Poland. It was liberated by the Red Army on Jan 27 1945. Poland, on most maps is usually placed to the east of Germany, although we may need to investigate the geography textbooks the Messiah used as a child...

The Allies were wrapping up the battle of the bulge in late January of 1945 -- the Rhine crossings were still well into the future when Auschwitz was liberated. The first, the Remagen railway bridge which was discovered intact, was crossed on March 7 1945.

Of course it goes without saying that the media has thus far failed to call the Messiah on this apparently obviously outrageous lie. Unless Obama's "uncle" was serving in the Red Army, its a pretty safe bet he was many hundreds of miles from Auschwitz on its day of liberation.

Long story short, Obama "confused" the concentration camps.

The Obama campaign now says that Obama was referring to his great-uncle on his mother's side, and the camp in question was not Auschwitz, but Ohrdruf, which was part of the Buchenwald camp system in Lower Saxony. Ohrdruf was the first camp to be liberated by the Americans on April 4, 1945, and it was visited a week later by Generals Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley. Eisenhower later wrote to his wife that he "never dreamed that such cruelty, bestiality and savagery could really exist in this world."

I guess in ObamaLand, one is the same as another huh?

More from Fact Check:

Granted, it is getting late in the campaign. The candidates are tired, and prone to making silly mistakes. Many Americans might have problems distinguishing Buchenwald and Ohrdruf from Auschwitz. But should we not expect more from a Harvard-educated presidential candidate? Is it too much to ask that an aspiring commander-in-chief knows (1) that Auschwitz (like many of the other Nazi death camps) is in Poland, and (2) that the eastern advance of the U.S. Army in World War II stopped on the river Elbe? Let me know what you think.

This is just the latest in a long line of mistakes, lies, gaffes, whatever you want to call them that Obama and Clinton have been making on the campaign trail.

Michelle Malkin and Lynne Sweet both list a long line of them as well as Wake up America with Obama's foreign policy "gaffes" caught on video, by gaffes I mean, his continuous changing of his story.

Here is the REAL question though....if the Democratic candidates are this tired and screwing up this badly because of "fatigue", imagine how badly they would screw up that now infamous "3 AM call"?

Just think about that for a second.

I guess the respondents of the Rasmussen poll was right back then and that is why 42% of all voters said the person they’d most want to answer the phone was John McCain.

Catch the blogosphere buzz on this over at memeorandum. Quite a bit of reactions so far.