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Friday, May 16, 2008

Student Uses Cocaine & Drinks 17 Beers Before Falling Unconscious At Teachers Home

Recently it was reported that Andria Ziegler, 19, became fatally ill at her professors home and rescue workers brought her to the hospital where she died just hours later. The 911 call from the Professor, Michael Todd, has just been released.
In a previous article it was reported that Ziegler was at her professors house when she became critically ill and later died after rescue workers wore called to the scene of Michael Todd's home. Todd was a psychology professor for Paradise Valley Community College and was placed on leave after the incident pending investigation.

According to excerpts from the 911 call, Ziegler had used cocaine at Todd's home as well drinking up to 17 beers before she became unconscious.

Here are some excerpts from the 911 call:

Michael Todd:
"Um, she's unconscious and my neighbor is over right now."

"Is she breathing?"

Michael Todd:
"We can't tell we, a, she's tried mouth to mouth, tried putting cold stuff on her, her lips are starting to turn a slight bit blue."

"Who's the one that's not breathing?"

Michael Todd:
"Oh that's Andrea"

"Okay who is she to you?"

Michael Todd:
"Um, she's just a friend."

Michael Todd:
"Well we sat around, um, well she's did some Coke and I went upstairs went to bed and apparently she continued using, I come down about an hour and a half later and she was unconscious."

"Anything else? Any alcohol tonight?"

Michael Todd:
"Um, let me count the beers in here. I know there's one in the trash can, I drank one. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (counting) 16, 17."

Reports also indicate that although he told 911 that her name was Andrea", when he was questioned at the hospital he refused to give out her name to medical personnel or to police officials, causing her to be listed as a "Jane Doe". Her family ended up filing a missing person's report the next day because officials did not know who to notify and it was still a day after that before her family was told she was dead.

Paradise Valley Community College has since fired Todd for having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

The official toxicology report is still pending but hospital officials believe Ziegler died of a cocaine overdose.

One of Todd's neighbors who has tried to revive Ziegler before he called police traveled to the hospital with Todd and Ziegler and stated that after Todd was informed of Ziegler's death, he said he "had to get out of there and took off."

You can watch Ziegler's stepfather on video here where he states the family is confident the authorities are investigating this thoroughly and that they hold Todd responsible for the girls death.

The Stepfather also provides information that there was a personal relationship between Ziegler and Todd and that Todd had her wallet at the time of her death and had her as a student for two years, knowing full well her name which he simply refused to provide to authorities.

He does say he believes "justice will be served".