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Monday, May 12, 2008

Select Committee Hearing Regarding Democrats Erasing Votes, Starts Tomorrow

Jed Babbin at Human Events reports that the hearing into the Democrats actions last August to which they were caught, via C-Span video, cheating and violating house rules, which after they were busted they issued apologies for, starts tomorrow.

I wrote on it at the time and you can catch up with how things went down, the Republicans walking out, the Democrats busted on video and being forced to apologize and a special panel was set up to probe the actions of the Democratic leadership in stealing a vote that the Republicans had one, thereby simply erasing the whole vote.

From Babbin:

Republicans reacted with outrage at the maneuvers apparently pulled by Hoyer, acting as House leader and McNulty, who was presiding over House proceedings at the time. Republicans had made a motion to deny illegal aliens welfare benefits. When McNulty gaveled the vote to a close, the Republicans had won 214-213. Then, apparently at Hoyer’s direction, the vote was reopened so that Speaker Pelosi could vote, producing a tie that defeated the Republican motion.

He also reports that the hearing into those violations of house rules begins tomorrow with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md) and Cong. Michael McNulty (D-NY, being the first to testify in this unprecedented type of hearing.

Furthermore "HUMAN EVENTS has learned that the Select Committee’s Republicans have produced a video -- using the original -- that details Hoyer’s and McNulty’s actions on August 2. It could be an explosive piece of evidence."

The hearings are planned for Tuesday and Wednesday. Also scheduled to testify are House Parliamentarian John Sullivan, Ethan Lauer and Max Spitzer (both of the Parliamentarian’s office), Kevin Hanrahan of the House Clerk’s office, Jerry Hartz and Caitlin O’Neill (two Pelosi staffers) and Jay Pierson of the Minority Leader’s office.

You can see the "meltdown" in the House, via YouTube, for yourself.

More from The Corner and CQ Today at the time of the incident.

Being that the whole incident was caught on tape, the evidence goes way past the "he said, she said" type of argument. There is physical evidence, via C-Span video that captures these things, that the Democrats stole the vote and fought like mad to prevent a hearing into their violations, to which only the video evidence was capable of forcing them into empowering the special panel.

As Babbin said, "These hearings could be a game-changer."

Indeed, they could be.

Just think....all of that, publicly, just because the Democrats wanted to allow illegal aliens to receive welfare benefits, paid for by from American tax dollars.

Tomorrow and Wednesday should be interesting.

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