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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Welcome Home Screamin' Eagle Show on ATW

Hope this is OK Spree!!


By popular demand, the Screamin' Eagle will "appear" on the American Truth Warriors Show this coming Tuesday (13 MAY 08) for a special 2-hour event beginning at 1900 hours EST (7 PM for you civilians out there).

Much to our surprise, once he got to Kuwait, the return trip was light speed when considering we are talking about the US Army. His trip home last Christmas took nearly a week...this trip was 18 hours of flight. Simply amazing.

This show was to be scheduled for at least 30 days but he has returned 28 days early so, here we are. He wants to speak with you all and he has some plans that he needs help with. He has already started a charity program because the troops need things that they are NOT getting which they are in desperate need of. So far, it is Top know how those Eagles are. Ask CP.

Be there! Come one. Come all. Call and welcome a Soldier home. 646-652-2670