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Monday, May 19, 2008

A Call to Arms--Amnesty, Troop Funding and HR5515


Ladies and gentlemen, once again the not so bright Congress is trying to force amnesty down our throats. This time, it's been sneaked into the troop funding bill.

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is trying to sneak in an agricultural amnesty into the troop funding bill. This has been confirmed by both Democratic and Republican sources. It was passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee May 16, 2008 and a vote by the full Senate may occur early this week. Not only does this show Washington doesn't like what we say and is determined to do what it wants rather than perform to the wishes of the people, they have attached this to our troop funding bill. Our. Troop. Funding. Bill. The money for our military, to get them the equipment they need and all that goes with funding the military. Heinously illegal.

People, we have repeatedly told Washington, in NO uncertain terms, we are against amnesty in any form. We have to do it again, and we have to continue to stay on this issue and continue to pressure Washington until they get it through their thick skulls. No amnesty. Ever again. Enforce the existing laws and build the fence. More information on this issue and a chance to send a fax to your representative, free of charge (as well as phone information) can be found at NumbersUSA here. Follow the links, contact your representative and let your voices be heard, loud and clear. Be polite but relentless. Susan at Wake Up America has plenty of information as well.

Through Snooper at A Newt One, we also hear about HR5515. This little gem is designed to keep us from defending ourselves against the illegals and protecting our property and our persons. He was notified through a post at the Eeevil Conservative here. Again, follow the links to find out who the sponsors are, what the text of the bill is, etc. Here is a teaser of her article:
There is NO DOUBT in ANY of their minds that WE the American people are not willing to bend one iota on the issue of illegal alien squatters and those who employ them - until they take care of enforcing the laws that already exist (deportation and holding employers accountable) and find a way to STOP this invasion at the border FIRST!
Ladies and gentlemen it is clear--we have GOT to clean out Washington. Term limits is a great place to start (although my freshman representative--Gabrielle Giffords--is one of the sponsors of HR5515--and she ran on a strong enforce the borders campaign--what a liar). It is OBVIOUS those on the Hill don't give two hoots about their constituency. The inmates are running the asylum and we have got to (figuratively speaking) lock the inmates up and take back control of said asylum. As of yesterday.

If you want a solution (BESIDES--NOT instead of--calling, writing, faxing, emailing and flooding their offices with faxes before this vote), pay a visit to "What If America?". It offers a real solution, basically helping build the fence the government doesn't want to build and using the government's money to do so.

The time for talk is over. It's time to act.