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Sunday, May 25, 2008

If Barack Obama Chose Hillary Clinton As VP, He Would Prove How Inexperienced and Naive He Is

Hillary Clinton supporters are finally understanding that there is virtually no way Clinton can win the Democratic nomination for presidency and are now pushing to take second best, the vice presidency spot.

They want to see her in the White House, no matter what and are willing to go as far as to claim: (Via Talk Left)

"To me it remains unthinkable that any Democrat who wants to win in November thinks that not picking Hillary Clinton makes sense for Barack Obama"

Anyone not looking through the "I support Hillary" prism would see the fallacy of that argument.

Looking at this from a different angle, I think Obama would be insane to pick Hillary and the reason can be described in one word....ambition.

In all honesty, if you were Obama, would you trust Hillary Clinton to watch your back?

Just using this as an analogy, but you do not go into war, knowing that the man watching your back would just as soon shoot YOU.

A candidate, any candidate wants their VP to be someone they can trust. Not someone that they have to worry about "leaking" any mistakes made. Not one that would be more concerned about taking the job, by any means possible, than helping the president with his agenda.

After seeing the lengths Clinton has been willing to go, not caring about how badly some of the actions have hurt the party, does anyone truly doubt that the only thing in Clinton's ambitious mind, should be chosen as VP, would be that she is "next in line"?

In my opinion, Obama choosing Clinton would simply prove beyond a doubt that he didn't have the experience to know better and is, indeed, naive.

Despite Obama supporters as well as half of the blogosphere, jumping on Hillary's Robert Kennedy assassination gaffe, that is nothing more than a red herring and that gaffe, although I highly doubt it came out the way she meant it to, as she has shown with her statement about why she said it and what she meant by it, which I actually believe, (No small feat there), there are a number of reasons why anyone would be a better choice for Obama than Hillary Clinton as VP.

Talk Left says:

But I ask them to again imagine that morning when Barack Obama announces his VP pick, and what the reaction will be if it is not Hillary Clinton. You think the Party is divided now, wait till that day.

Sure, Hillary supporters will be disappointed and feel slighted, but Obama supporters will sigh a breath of relief, understanding that they have just dodged a major bullet (figuratively, so don't get all riled.)

The writer of that Talk Left piece did say one thing that is true:

Look, Barack Obama is almost certainly going to be the nominee. Is the plan now to have good reasons to point a blaming finger at the Clinton Camp or is it to win the Presidency? There seems to be a Media and Left blog view that the Party will be unified no matter what. I think that's nuts. We have never had a campaign like this one.

The Democratic party will not be instantly united behind Obama because too much has been said and done and not just by the candidates, but by the media, bloggers and pundits who support each individual camp. Unity will take time, time for people to get over their anger, time for them to get passed their hurt and embarrassment and time for supporters of both candidates to start talking without pointing the finger of blame.

But to ask Barack Obama to willingly lay his head on a chopping block while Hillary Clinton holds an ax in her hand, all for the sake of "unity", is even crazier than expecting him to actually do it.