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Monday, May 26, 2008

14 Year Old Hits Mother In Head With A Hammer

A 56 year old woman, believed to be Becky D'Aoust, was found in the kitchen of her home after having been hit in the head with a hammer, by her 14 year-old daughter.
Neighbors identified the victim as Becky D'Aoust, 56, and presently in the Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego with Homicide Lieutenant Kevin Rooney saying her condition is grave and she is not expected to survive.

The home that the victim lives at is located at the Scripps Ranch , which is a inland community in the northeastern part of San Diego, California.

The police were called at approximately 9 am, Sunday, to the home on Canyon Lake Drive near Pinetree Drive after the woman's husband and 21 year-old daughter were awaken by loud screams.

According to the San Diego Police, they have arrested D'Aoust's 14 year-old daughter saying she allegedly struck her mother in the head with a hammer.

The child's name has not been released due to her juvenile status but she was arrested on suspicion of assault and if the mother dies she will be moved to juvenile hall on suspicion of murder.

Neighbors expressed shock at this event, with Arthur S. Moreau III, saying, "It's out of nowhere. It's really not a neighborhood where there's violent crime.”

Other neighbors describe the 14 year-old as "a lovely little girl."

More than 30,000 people live in Scripps Ranch, according to census reports. The neighborhood, south of Miramar Lake, is upscale with mostly two-story homes. Eighteen aggravated assaults were reported in the neighborhood in the past three years, according to regional crime statistics. There have been no homicides reported during that time.

No motive has been reported for the attack.