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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Barack Obama Needs Some Rest -Wrong City, Wrong State

The presidential candidates have been campaigning for too long it seems, especially Barack Obama, since it was just last week where he informed a crowd that he had been to 57 states, still have one to go and didn't visit Alaska and Hawaii.

One week later in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Obama received a very warm welcome for another speech, jumps on the stage, grabs his microphone and says......"Thank you, Sioux City!"


Sioux City is in Iowa, not South Dakota.

He recovered by saying, "I'm sorry. Sioux Falls. I've been in Iowa too long."

He then went on to give his typical stump speech.

These are mistakes that exhaustion can cause, but they are also mistakes that if any other candidate would have made, they would see people screeching about incompetence, memory lapses, age or any other number of insults.

You can see the video for yourself, it is about a minute or two in, at the beginning of his speech.

These mistakes are beginning to add up and happening more frequently as the pressure builds and Obama is labeled as the favored nominee, since Hillary Clinton won't bow out giving him the official title of the Democratic nominee.

Obama needs to get some rest because if he doesn't step back and regroup, these mistakes, which are caught on video are going to be played, looped and never disappear.

They will go away for a little while and right before the November elections, they will all be brought out, dusted off, spliced together and offer undeniable proof that Barack Obama just isn't ready for prime time, no matter how badly his supporters want him to be.

Hat Tip for the video embed to Michelle Malkin and Right Wing News.