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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Secret No More: Harry Deployed In Afghanistan Since December

Despite a months long media blackout, the word is now out: Prince Harry of England is in Afghanistan on deployment. Harry, 23, has been on deployment in the dangerous Helmand region of southern Afghanistan since December. This deployment came seven months after initial plans for his deployment were canceled due to threats to kidnap him made by Iraqi and Taliban contingents.

News of his deployment came out despite an agreement by British authorities and select members of the international media not to release the information that he was in Afghanistan until after the completion of his deployment, affording the young prince the opportunity to carry out his duties in the Royal Army.

Harry has been responsible for calling in air strikes against Taliban positions, has conducted foot patrols through villages and has fired on suspected enemy combatants, pool photographs and footage have shown.

Before he was deployed, Harry, the son of Prince Charles and deceased Princess Diana, told reporters that he sometimes wished he was not a royal as it made it difficult to do things that he enjoyed, including fighting in the army.

General of the army Richard Dannatt has issued a statement expressing his disappointment in the violation of the rare agreement with the normally "free-for-all" media, and he, his chief of staff, and operational commanders will evaluate whether Harry's deployment will continue. Dannatt also commented that Harry's military service had been "exemplary," and that Harry has been a "model soldier," garnering for himself no special treatment in his role as a soldier due to his position as third in line of succession to the British throne.

Give'em HELL, Harry!

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man