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Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama Supporter and Bill Clinton Get It On!

(Sunday: Bill Clinton gets into an exchange with Barack Obama supporter Robert Holeman after a rally for Hillary Clinton in Canton, Ohio. Holeman repeatedly shouted, "Obama" during the event, and asked Clinton afterwards to stop the negative campaigning. (AP Photo)

"I think he even hit me in the face with his hand. He did give me a little pop. It was okay, because I understand his tenacity for his wife."

This was a statement given in an interview after the exchange, that Robert Holeman, a Barack Obama supporter made after his confrontation with Bill Clinton at Timken High School in Northeast Ohio, which was the third of events to be held today in Ohio.

According to the report from MSNBC it could not be independently verified as to whether Bill Clinton actually made any physical contact with Holeman. Bill Clinton's spokesman Ben LaBolt, denies that any physical contact was made.

Thrughout Clinton's speech, Holeman could be heard shouting Obama's name and heckling the former president, especially when Bill Clinton was setting up "applause lines".

After the speech, Holeman then approached Bill Clinton, which is when he claims Bill gave him a "little pop".

In the interview Holeman also said that he had supported Bill Clinton during his campaigns but that the country now wanted a "new perspective" and went on to state
"Hillary Clinton has started the most negative campaign I have ever seen, other than what the Republicans can launch. I think we need to come together on those issues."

That comment was made in reaction to some Clinton supporters expressing disapproval for Holeman's behavior during the speech itself.

He also accuses Clinton of trying to "hoodwink" and "bamboozle" the country and he spoke about what he said to Bill Clinton when he first approached him, "I asked the president to please stop the bickering between the campaigns. All this name calling is like the bully in the yard. He can’t get his way, he can’t get nothing done."

Now anyone that remembers Bill Clinton's interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News will remember that Clinton does have the habit of "poking" and touching, when he gets red faced and angry at people, as shown in the second part of the interview itself, via YouTube.

As the elections get closer and because the Clinton and Obama campaigns are in such a tight race, we can expect more and more fireworks to occur throughout.

[Update]Fox shows the photo of the exchange in question.