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Thursday, February 14, 2008

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK-Clocks Running Out on FISA

[Update] Contacting congress methods below.

[Update #2]
Video below the post, of Republicans walking out on the House because the Democrats refuse to treat out National Security and the safety of America as a first priority!!!!!!

With a day left before the extension passed on February 1 runs out, the rumor mill has it that the House isn't going to pass the FISA amendments in time.

As I explained in the previous posts on this subject, in August the Democratically controlled Senate and House passed a rushed bill so they could go on vacation and set it to sunset on February 1, 2008. In the six months they had to get something done, the incompetent fools didn't do a thing and waiting until the last minute, yet again, forcing them to pass an extension until February 15, 2008.


On February 12, 2008, the Senate, with 19 Democrats crossing the aisle to get the job done, passed it and it went back to the house, who once again, yesterday, tried to pass ANOTHER extension and failed miserably because even their own caucus didn't vote for it.

So, this news that the House might not even take up the bill and will let it expire, is completely irresponsible on top of them being incompetent.

Well it looks like the unconscionable is about to occur. I am hearing from several sources that the House is planning to recess on Friday without taking up the Senate bill. That would mean the lapse of our surveillance authority at midnight.

This is a game of roulette with our national security, spearheaded by the Democratic leadership in the House, which is following the lead of the party's two presidential contenders, Sens. Obama and Clinton. Both of them voted against the emergency authorization last summer, and Obama voted against the Senate bill on Tuesday (Clinton did not bother to vote). Make no mistake. The crowd is calling the shots on that side of the aisle.

President Bush has to keep pounding this, as does Sen. McCain. This is not politics, folks. For grown-ups, this is life and death.

Malkin says it nicely here.

Not just for grown-ups.

For your children and my children.

Call your Congressional Reps!: 202-224-3121.



Then tell your friends to do the same.

[Update] The New York Times is reporting that it is probably going to lapse also.

WASHINGTON — Broad spying powers temporarily approved by Congress in August appear likely to lapse this week after a daylong game of chicken on Wednesday between the White House and House Democrats produced no clear resolution.

At a morning appearance in the Oval Office, President Bush pressed the House to adopt quickly a plan that the Senate approved on Tuesday to broaden the government’s spying powers and give legal immunity to telephone companies.

The plan is essential, Mr. Bush said, because terrorists are planning attacks on American soil “that will make Sept. 11 pale in comparison.”

House Democratic leaders tried to obtain a 21-day reprieve to allow more time to negotiate before the temporary measure expires on Friday night. But the proposal was defeated in the face of opposition from liberals who are against the surveillance plan and conservatives who favor it.

House Democrats now say they may simply let the deadline pass without acting on the Senate plan.

And the Democrats wonder why they have lived with the stigma of being incapable of protecting our nation, incompetent in doing their jobs (lowest approval ratings in history show that people notice) and weak on National Security.

They keep earning those reputations.

Clocks running out.......

Have you made your calls and sent your emails yet?

[Update #2] Hat Tip to Snooper at A Newt One, House Republicans Walk Out stating the Democrats refuse to take America's safety seriously.

Video via YouTube, (Thanks Captain Ed!!)

Eric Cantor's statement from his website:

House Republicans have walked out to protest the Democrats’ refusal to consider senate-passed FISA legislation that would enable America’s intelligence agencies to effectively monitor terrorists who are plotting to attack. While Democrats can’t find time for that, they did find time to debate the merits of specific individuals on the Administration staff. This is an outrage - our first duty is to protect America. Democrats refuse to take that seriously.

Bushes statement on FISA and the inability of the Democratically controlled Congress to protect America despite the time and extensions they have had to do so.


Still here? Why isn't the phone in your hand while you are politely giving your reps a piece of your mind?