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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Three US Senators in Emergency Hellicopter Landing in Afghanistan

Three United States Senators touring Afghanistan were forced to make an emergency landing today and had to be taken out by land convoy.

Sens. John Kerry, Joseph Biden and Chuck Hagel were aboard the aircraft. No one was injured, according a statement from Kerry's office. The senators and their delegation returned to Bagram Air Base in a motor convoy, and have left for Turkey.

The senators were in the Afganistan leg of a trip that included other stops in India, Turkey, and Pakistan, where they have been observing elections.

There were no reported injuries, and several hours after the emergency landing, they were escorted safely by overland convoy to Bagram Air Base, from which they departed to continue on to Ankara, Turkey. Senator Kerry thanked the U.S. troops, "who were terrific as always and who continue to do an incredible job in Afghanistan.

Just a thought here, but I wonder how "uneducated" he thought those troops where when they were escorting his butt back to the air base?

Once and Always, an (educated) American Fighting Man