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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama Double Talking to Americans and Canadians?

How far is a candidate willing to go to become President? Will a candidate say one thing to the American public and something else altogether to representatives from other nations?

During last Tuesday night's Cleveland, Ohio, debates, Barack Obama said that he felt that the North American Free Trade Agreement would be renegotiated if he's elected President, in response to Hillary Clinton's statement that she would "back out" of the agreement if it wasn't renegotiated to her satisfaction in six months time with her as President. Obama said that he thought the renegotiations could be conducted using the United States option to withdraw from the agreement.

But is that the whole of the story? According to Canada's CTV, it's not the story one of Obama's senior campaign members told Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Wilson.

The Obama insider reportedly told the ambassador, "Don't worry[/url] -- it's just campaign rhetoric, it's not serious," CTV reported.

CTV reported that the Obama campaign's message to Wilson was taken as "completely authentic" by the Canadian government.

What will this mean for the Obama campaign? Perhaps nothing, so long as there are faintings and awe-inspiring speeches of change. It does go to show, however, how far candidates can be willing to go in their pursuit for the power of the office of the President.

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