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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clinton Sets up Website to Change Democratic Party Rules

If you cannot win playing by the rules, CHANGE them!

This morning brings the news that the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, has launched a new website where they are announcing how they are officially preparing to make the case that the rules of the Democratic nomination process should be changed.

This type of behavior from the Clinton campaign is seriously bothering some members of the left.

Balloon Juice:

I will not tolerate more of this bullshit from them:

he just sent more money to the Obama campaign.

Oh, a little update on yesterdays story about the Clinton campaign going after Obama's pledged delegates, legal but dirty methods, where the Clinton campaign categorically denied they were doing so?

Seems that firsthand accounts are coming out showing that the despite those categorical denials...oooops, it is happening.

I’m in Vegas and last night myself and a dozen or so other Obama supporters were at the Culinary Union calling our Obama delegates. I probably made about 100 calls and about 95 said Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been calling them "all day" or at least once already.

So, one candidate, Hillary, that wants to change the rules midstream because things are going badly for her, and another candidate, Barack, that recent news shows his favorite "mentor" and friend (now deceased)was a member of the Communist Party USA.

Nice choices the Democrats have huh?