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Thursday, February 21, 2008

At Least 4 Shot In Miami-UPDATE, 7 shot, including a child that survived.

This is a developing story, but initial reports show that there has been at least four people shot in Miami, Florida and at least one dead. The shootings happened in an area backyard but two schools have been locked down for the safety of the students.
CBS is the only one reporting it online as of yet, but at 1424 NW 51st Street, in the backyard of a home, at least four people have been shot.

Two people have been transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, one man that was shot was able to drive himself to JMH and as of now, reports say that one man is dead on the scene. His body was found slumped against the fence in the backyard.

Allapattah Middle School, located at 1331 N.W. 46 St. and Lenora B. Smith Elementary, located at 4700 N.W. 12 Avenue, have both been put into lockdown mode as a precaution.

[Update] NBC reports this story making it clear the gunman is still at large.

[Update #2]Two more links with updated information... Total is now up to seven injured.

Confusion and pandemonium is how witnesses described a Miami neighborhood where the shooting took place in broad daylight near Northwest 14th Avenue and 50th Street.

Local 10 learned that seven people were shot; one person died.

Witnesses said there were a large number of shots being fired and that someone got into a car, but police said they are not looking for anyone at this time. Local 10 reported that the people responsible for the shooting may be among the wounded.

Another very interesting tidbit that wasn't in the original reports :

A police officer Local 10 interviewed said he wasn't sure exactly where the shootings took place because they weren't concentrated in one area, but around a few blocks.

Then this link:

Miami police were called to the scene of a person shot Thursday shortly before noon. They found one victim dead on scene and transported two victims to a hospital. Other injured victims, including a 2-year-old, arrived at the hospital on their own in three separate cars.

Neighbors who had previous contact with the victims spoke to the media.

"They spoke to us like respectable kids, and that's all, there was just a lot of them," said resident Fred Johnson.

Johnson said he wasn't surprised that the shooting occurred.

"I suspected something was going on when they were hanging around like that," he said. "Cars pulling up, going both ways, stopping and all kinds of stuff like that. I suspected maybe there was some drug activity."

Still looking for updates.

This will be updated as more information becomes available.