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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Clinton Adviser: Obama's Victories Irrelevant to who Super Delegates Vote For

Desperation does strange things to people, but to actually let one of your advisers say things like this, publicly, has got to be the most politically suicidal things I have seen in a long time.

Harold Ickes, a 40-year party operative charged with winning over super delegates for the Clinton campaign actually had the audacity to say "Hillary will end up with more automatic delegates than Obama."

He calls them automatic delegates because he doesn't like the term super delegates and he goes on to slit Clinton's throat by saying the number of elections won by Obama is “irrelevant to the obligations of automatic delegates.”

We covered what super delegates are and how that process works here in a previous post.

This report comes out just as the latest Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008 shows that Obama enjoys his first statistically significant lead, 49% to 42%, over Hillary Clinton, according to the Feb. 13-15 results.

Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe on Saturday blasted Clinton for the strategy.

“The Clinton campaign just said they have two options for trying to win the nomination — attempting to have superdelegates overturn the will of the Democratic voters or change the rules they agreed to at the eleventh hour in order to seat non-existent delegates from Florida and Michigan,” he said in a statement.

Hot Air says "Time to pop some popcorn and get ready for the show."

EXTRA butter and salt please Bryan.

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