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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Conservatives rallying Around McCain-- Thanks to the New York Times!!

The New York Times ran a rumor based story with no confirmation, just speculation, which was discussed in a previous post here, and now we see, via The Politico, that Conservatives, people that have been against McCain are rallying.

Rush Limbaugh, who has been critical of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), embraced him today now that they have a common enemy: The New York Times.

Limbaugh and other conservative commentators rushed to defend McCain on Thursday against a potentially damaging article in The New York Times, embracing a maverick they have often attacked.


Laura Ingraham, another influential conservative radio host, asserted that the Times waited until McCain was on the brink of the Republican presidential nomination and now is seeking to "contaminate" him with an article that she calls "absurd" and "ridiculous."

Limbaugh writes to Politico, "The story is not the story. The story is the drive-by media turning on its favorite maverick and trying to take him out. The media picked the GOP's candidate, the NYT endorsed him while they sat on this story, and is now, with utter predictability, trying to destroy him."

David Brody, who has a large evangelical audience for his “Brody File” blog on, wrote this morning: “In [the] conservative world, if The New York Times does a ‘hit job’ on you then you wear that as a conservative badge of honor. This story could actually help John McCain."

Brody wrote in an earlier post: “The NY Times has no evidence in their story that there was actually a romantic relationship. No phone calls, e-mails, etc.”

Read the whole thing.... I guess perhaps the lack of ethical standards within the New York Times has done what McCain, Romney and the Republican party were taking their sweet time in being able to accomplish.

RALLYING Republicans behind McCain.

So, you don't see me say this often but...THANK YOU NEW YORK TIMES.