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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nancy Pelosi's Congress Responsible for John McCain being Trusted More on National Security

I added this as an update on yesterday's post about the New York Times article backfiring against the Times and actually helping put McCain ahead of Obama in the general election matchups according to Rasmussen.

But in looking at a couple of Rasmussen polls together, the bigger picture emerges and despite the media claim of "the downfall" of conservatives, the bigger picture actually shows the exact opposite.

First lets start wit the Democratic race for the nomination.

There is little change in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Obama now earns support from 47% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Clinton attracts 43%. Data from Rasmussen Markets shows that last night’s debate failed to slow Obama’s momentum. Recent polling data shows that Clinton’s lead is slipping in Ohio, it’s a toss-up in Texas, Clinton leads in Rhode Island, and Obama has the edge in Vermont.

Barring any extreme mistakes from Obama or some hidden aces up Clinton's sleeve, his momentum isn't slowing, he is ahead in delegates and it is more than just possible, and can be categorized as probable, that Obama will walk away with the Democratic nomination. (Note: Unless superdelegates end up being the determining factor or the Democrats ending up in a brokered convention---More on that here)

Running with that probability, we go to the next Rasmussen report. (PDF for that report here)

The title basically says it all.

"McCain Trusted More than Obama on National Security, Iraq, and the Economy."

With the general election campaign season coming soon, voters currently trust John McCain more than Barack Obama on issues of National Security, the War in Iraq, the Economy, and Taxes. Obama is trusted more when it comes to Reducing Government Corruption. The Republican hopeful has a slight lead over the Democratic frontrunner in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

McCain is trusted more by 55% of voters when it comes to National Security issues. Obama is trusted more by just 30% on this point. Just half (51%) of Democrats express more trust in Obama than McCain on national security. Unaffiliated voters prefer McCain by a two-to-one margin.

McCain’s advantage on other issues is far smaller.

On Iraq, McCain has a much smaller advantage—49% trust McCain while 39% prefer Obama. Democrats, by a 61% to 22% margin, prefer Obama. Republicans overwhelmingly prefer McCain (83% to 12%). Unaffiliated voters are more evenly divided—46% prefer McCain while 41% prefer Obama.

McCain is also trusted more on the economy and taxes and the only area that Obama is trusted more is reducing government corruption.

While Obama's momentum is building against Clinton, McCain's momentum is building against both the Democratic candidates for the general election.

It comes down to electability and who is trusted more on variety of issues and for conservatives and moderate Republicans as well as a significant share of unaffiliated voters, National Security is a very high priority and the Congressional Democrats are also not doing their candidate any favors, except with the far far left unhinged crowd by allowing the FISA amendments to lapse and failing to see to it that our country is protected to the best of our ability by having the tools needed to keep us safe.

The Senate passed a bipartisan bill with the vote of 19 Democratic politicians and because the Congressional Democrats, that bipartisan bill was not passed at all by Congress, to stop those protective tools from expiring and exposing us to the danger of terrorist attacks.

Bottom line here is that it is the Democrats that are letting our protections lapse and by simple virtue of being a Democrat, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will continue to suffer from the stigma of the Congressional Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi who refuses to understand that she has endangered our country yet again, thereby giving the whole party the continued reputation as "weak on National Security".

Nancy Pelosi's Congress is partially responsible for the fact that John McCain is trusted so much more than any Democrat on National Security.

Nancy Pelosi and to a lesser degree, Harry Reid, might just be owed a huge thank you after the 2008 Elections, from the Republicans and Conservatives around the country, because their pandering to their far left base might just hand the White House to John McCain, lock, stock and barrel.

The Democrats insistence on helping aid the terrorists by making our nation weaker, will cost them. The numbers are already bearing that out.

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