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Monday, February 25, 2008

DVD's for the troops


Gathering of Eagles and Operation A Bit of Home have got a drive going to collect used (or new) DVDs for the troops.They can't be copies (illegal you know).

The Gathering of Eagles is joining forces with Operation-A Bit Of Home in support of their efforts to build a new DVD lending library for our troops in Iraq.

Operation A Bit Of Home was founded by Ken Meyer in 2004, while his wife Angel was serving in Iraq.

Since then his organization has expanded into many states all across the nation. They have shipped well over 10,000 boxes of supplies to Iraq.

Ken has been a participating member of the NC GOE since May 2007. OABOH has helped to build the largest DVD lending library in Iraq for our troops. Unfortunately, it is restricted to the troops attending Freedom Rest. Ken has been asked by the MWR coordinator in Baghdad to help build another facility to reach more troops.

The Gathering of Eagles has partnered with OABOH to launch Operation Disk Drive o collect thousands of VDs to fill this new library.

Please - take a look around the house, talk to friends and neighbors, gather all the new and used DVDs that you can. We are not looking for children’s disks, but drama, musicals, action, and shoot-’em-ups etc. are very welcome for male and female troops. Place them in a box with a few dollars and send them to the address listed below.
The organizers will consolidate the disks, and using the money you send, will ship them to the new lending library in Baghdad.

Most folks have 1, 2 or more used DVDs laying around, but, if you don’t have any to send, mail a check made out to your state coordinator and they can use the money to buy disks and portable players!

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of MANY soldiers. Like Ken always said: Supporting Your Troops means more than placing a magnet on your car!

Send your boxed DVD donations to
Del Stutzman
c/o GOP Headquarters
107 Gladden St
Washington, NC 27889

Patriot Guard Riders
Standing For Those
Who Stood For Us

Lets make sure our troops have a bit of home while they are abroad... lets send them each a bit of OUR homes, via, DVD's.